Private Placement Procedures

1. The client submits the following Documents
    A. KYC (Know Your Client)
    B. 110% enlarged passport copy
    C. Proof of Funds or Instrument

Proof of Funds: All banking documents must be manully signed by two bank officials current in charge of the client's account. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT: The trader will not accept any kind of procedure tha prohibits any telephone calls from bank to bank, since this is necessary to verify and ensure that the trader is dealing with a real signatory on the account.

2. Due Diligence and Asset Verification. Once the package is sbmitted to the compliance officer, he will immediately proceed to the verificatio of the assets and the realization of the "Due Diligence" (under study for acceptance) of the client and the submitted assets. The client must not be conned with the mafia, drug traffic, weapons, or any other illegal activity. Also the asset must be good, clear, and clean with a non-criminal origin and must be freeley availabe for the client.

3. Program Manager Contact. Once the due diligence is copleted with a sucessfully result whcih can take between 4-6 days, the Program Manager will contact the client directly by phone. The aim of this call, in addition to the Programs Managers formal presentation, is to inform the knind of program theclient will have access to and resolve all the doublts or questions that the client may have.

4. Contract. The cotract is issued direct to the client. This is a strictly confifential document. The cotract will state the returns, the term of the trade and th terms and contitions.

Note: In some cases the contract is issued prior to the call with the Program Manager.

5. Bloack the Asset. The client ;must contact this bank to send the required swift or block the Asset in favoour of the trader for the term of the trade using trhe blcoking procedures required to trigger the trade. Once this is completed the trade will start between 1-3 days later.
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