Private Placement Transactions

The US Treasury also makes the Bank Instruments of 7.50 % interest, term 10 years, available to Project Managers to see that Project are completed in those areas of need. The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve from time to time, for Approved Projects and for Approved Depositors who have funds that the owner will make available to enter into an atomospere of a Bank Secure Transaction, wherinapproved Bank Trading Accounts are established, the Bank Instruments will be purchased directly from the Treasury approved Trading Accouonts are established, the Bank Instruments willbe purchased directly fromthe Treasury nominated and appointed Syndicate of Major Western Banks through the Treasury approved Trading Account. In the account we established for the trading purpose, the Treasury make the Bank Insgtruments available to this account at a discount to the open market. When these instruments are purchased and then sold at market rates the profit is new credit that is then used to finance the Approcved Projects, In this transaction the dollars are accoumulated in a Geographical Area wher there are an excess of US Dollars and moved to a location of approved projects to be invested therin.

In this business one of the main considerations is, at the end of the term of the ten years when the 7.50% interest, ten year term instruments come due, they are paid at the full face value of 100%. Repaying the discount "new credit" and the interest paid for ten years thereon. These instruments are the responsibility of the US Treasury and hence the Amercian People.. Therefore you will be subject to Treasury Compliance Officers monitoring in these transactions at various times and places.