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Oil Field Services Financing

The Oil Field Services business is often very dependent on strong consistent cash flow. Payroll expenses combined with the cost of supplies make it very difficult to operate if your waiting 30 to 60 days to get paid. Our oil field services factoring program provides cash for your invoices within one business day, eliminating the cash flow crunch. If you are turning away work or not taking on jobs with large companies that pay in 60 days, then you may be a good fit for this cash flow solution.

We work with hundreds or companies in the oil field services business and have helped them manage the cash flow issues while they focus on growing the business. Give us a call and we can discuss how the program works and see if we can provide a solution.

Many of our Oil Field Services customers have reviewed the questions below to determine if factoring could help them. A good way to find out is to ask yourself:

If all our customers paid us in one day how would our business change?

- Could you take on additional business if you were paid within one business day?
- Do your suppliers offer quick pay discounts that you currently do not use?
- Could you be more productive if you were not “managing the mail box” for payments.

We can provide financing for the following Oil Field Service Companies

    • Roustabouts
    • Roughnecks
    • Service Unit Operators
    • Petroleum Engineers
    • Oil Rig Tool Pushers
    • Oil Derrick Hand
    • Drillers
    • Floor hands
    • Platform Base Construction
    • Full Rig Construction