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International Financing
International Financing

Minimum funding for International Projects is, $25,000,000 (US).

Our best rate and terms are for projects $25,000,000 and above. These rates and terms are also available for projects located in the USA.
Geographical Preferences is, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, China and other USA-friendly international areas on a project-by-project basis.

Project Types:  Construction, Energy or the purchase of any good project that makes sense. Asset based Financing, Bridge Financing, Commercial Loans, Commercial real estate developments, Corporate Expansion Capital, Project Financing, Turnaround Capital, Energy Projects such as, power plants, ethanol plants, oil and gas refineries, and large infrastructure and real estate projects.

Terms: The funding parameters, specific terms, timing, and costs will be based on the business analysis and overall risk assessment and strength of the project and the Principals. Since our sources are very competitive, the Principals project will receive the rate and terms that it deserves. Most times the rate and term will be under whatever a bank or institution would charge.

Project Financing:
Graco Mortgage can bring unique expertise to its clients in the area of project financing. Our focus is to use this expertise to help our clients successfully navigate the complex processes involved in presenting a business plan, negotiating, and finding financing.