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Factoring is easy to obtain. 

Since the factoring company uses your invoices as collateral, the most important prerequisite is that you do business with reliable customers. It is ideal for start-ups and growing companies that can not obtain bank financing. These are just a few, but is not an all inclusive list.


A few Industries that benefit from factoring

*                                                                                                    * Marketing

* Banking                                                              * Medical Providers

* Business and Industrial Services                          * Oil and gas industry

* Cable installers                                                    * Staffing Agencies

* Construction                                                        * Telecommunications 

* Financing                                                            * Transportation

* Distributors and resellers                                      * Wholesalers

* GovernmentGovernment Contractors                                         

* Janitorial Services                                                

* Law

If your industry or field is not listed, that does not mean that we cannot serve you. Contact us to get approved and cash in your pocket soon. Your credit is NOT a factor. So even with poor credit you can get approved.