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Can't afford to wait 30 to 60 days to get paid by your commercial or government customers? Invoice factoring provides you an advance on your slow paying invoices so you can pay employees and suppliers. We can provide you with competitive factoring and purchase order financing quote - today.........


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Factoring Solutions

  Invoice Factoring for Service and Manufacturing

Financing for small and medium sized service and supply companies in the technology,  manufacturing,  consulting and services industries.


Construction Factoring

Construction Factoring has been used in the construction industry for years, but the latest trends indicate that it's on the rise. The recent economic downturn and tightening of the credit markets has been especially hard on the construction industry. Trends indicate that along with having to focus on the new sustainable building and changes in building code standards, contractors are experiencing cash flow problems. Because the availability of commercial financing has been chaotic for the past year, this situation is especially evident when seeking construction funding for commercial property. Recently, there has been an increase in construction factoring among contractors, which provides the much needed cash flow to pay suppliers and meet payroll. Why? Because factoring allows businesses to obtain funds based on their current accounts receivables. Typically construction subcontractors have to wait as long as thirty to sixty days to get paid for their invoices. Construction factoring advances funds against invoices and provides enough money to pay the bills when things are tight.

Credit Repair and Factoring

There are more than 30 million people in the United States with bad credit scores that are under 620, making it very difficult to obtain both personal and business loans, and it also makes obtaining credit with decent terms challenging. What'[s more, with our country's economic downturn, the figures will get worse. But what many folks do not realize is that fixing their credit might be as simple as something called factoring.

Freight Bill Factoring for Trucking Companies

Financing for trucking companies, freight brokers an commercial transportation companies

Invoice Factoring for Government Contractors

Specialized financing for companies that provide services and products to state and federal governments.

Health Care  Accounts Receivable Factoring

Research released in 2009 U.S. Public Interest Group (USPIRG revealed that 17 percent of small businesses currently do not offer health coverage due to the red tape and high costs. Successful health reform could yield some serious benefits for small businesses in the United States. The research also stated that 78 percent of those small businesses who do not offer health coverage would like to offer it to employees. Accounts receivable factoring for small business can convert payments on terms to cash on delivery, aiding small businesses in their effort to pay for health care costs for employees. Here's how accounts receivable financing could assist small business owners with being able to afford health care coverage for their employees.

Invoice Factoring for Staffing Agencies

Specialized financing for staffing and temporary employment firms in business and medical doctors.

Invoice Factoring for Security Companies

Specialized factoring program for companies that provide security guards to commercial, industrial and government sites.

Medical Factoring

Specialized financing for healthcare practitioners that bill private insurance companies. Medicare and Medicaid.

Small Business Bailout (Accounts Receivable Financing)

Small businesses no longer have to be victims of their own success. Factoring services are also known as accounts receivable financing, and no matter what you decide to call it, these services can provide many small businesses with their own bailout plan to survive these tough times.

Spot Factoring

The recent economic times have put a crimp  in small business profits, so small business people nationwide are looking for ways to cut business costs, and many are suffering from the fact that their customers are not paying on time, if at all. But the good news is that  invoice factoring is another way for small business owners to stay ahead of the game. Have you ever heard of a company factoring receivables? Also known as spot factoring, single invoice factoring allows companies to obtain short term working capital to grow their businesses, improve cash flow and stay afloat during tough economic times.

Staffing Industry and factoring Services

The United States Treasury Secretary said that the US economy is showing signs of a recovery. Some people are betting that staffing agencies will see a surge in the business. Why? Because most firms will be reluctant to add full time employees until the recovery is well underway. Hiring a staffing agency to provide temporary employees will help companies ramp up[ without full committing. And with this trend we will also see an increased demand for staffing agencies that need factoring.


Trade Financing Solutions

Purchase order funding and purchase order financing for small and medium sized distributors, importers and product resellers.