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Factoring Financing - Government Contractors

Are you selling goods or serves to the government?  Government providers are often faced with suppliers that demand immediate payments and invoices that get paid in 30 to 60 days. Although doing business with the government is very rewarding. It can be challenging for new or growing companies.

Depending on your line of business, we offer tow solutions that can help you.

    * If you are a product reseller (or use 3rd party manufacturing) we can provide factoring and purchase order financing.

    * If you are a service provider or manufacturing company we can provide factoring financing.





What is Factoring?

Invoice factoring provides an advance on your government invoices. Instead of waiting 30 to 60 days to get paid. You get a substantial portion of your funds as soon as the work is completed. This helps you pay suppliers and employees, and strengthens your cash flow.


How does factoring work?

The Factoring process is simple to setup and works with any business.  The government has a specific process to handle factored invoices, but generally, here is how it works:

1. You name the factoring company as your financial partner. This is usually done when submitting a bid but can also be done later.

2. You deliver the goods or services and then generate an invoice.

3. We provide you with an 80% advance on your invoice. This is your 1st installment.

4. The government pays the invoice.

5. We provide the remaining 20%, less a service fee.


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Factoring Financing Benefits

Factoring offers a number of benefits to government contractors. One of the most important benefits is that it is easy to obtain. This is because factoring transactions are secured by the invoice they finance, and government invoices have the highest credit ratings. Other benefits include:

1. Get predictable cash-flow for your business

2. Flexible financing that automatically grows with your sales

3. Pre-approved for most government orders

4. Fast turnaround