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Leasing medical equipment is an excellent choice. According to industry research, approximately $2,873,783,066 of medical equipment is leased each year in the United States. Businesses lease medical equipment because they know that leasing offers numerous advantages over other type of financing, including tax deductions, balance sheet management, immediate write-offs, great flexibility, customized solutions, better asset management, improved cash flow, flexible end of term options, easy upgrades, and fast processing. At 3 Rivers, we have helped thousands of health care providers lease the equipment they need to succeed. Let our professional, experienced team help you today!


Medical Equipment Financing Facts

Leasing is an extremely attractive option for medical equipment purchases because technology changes very quickly. With a lease, your risk of getting caught with an obsolete machine is reduced because you can build upgrades and add-ons into the lease.

Buying used medical equipment can save you more than 50% over buying new!

Used Medical Equipment

Looking to buy an EKG Machine? , Ultrasound Machine, Portable Ultrasound and Ultrasound probes?

We also finance:

bone density machines, including DEXA, DXA and ultrasound models. Full body, heel and hand bone densitometers, including Nellcor OxiMax and Machismo SET SpO2 sensors, Life Pak 12 defibrillators and much more.

Medical Equipment is a necessary part of any medical practice. Whether it is new or used, medical equipment must meet the needs of those who will be using the equipment, function reliably and easy to maintain.

Hospital Medical equipment is expensive; for this reason, used equipment may be a realistic option for many practices. Purchasing used medical equipment does not necessarily mean buying inferior equipment. Many pieces of used equipment are gently used and will enjoy a long life with a new buyer.

Many practices just starting out choose to buy used medical equipment, replacing older equipment with newer models when funding becomes available. This used equipment is often in top operating condition and can be sold at a reduced cost to others looking for used equipment.

Anyone purchasing used medical equipment can ask others who have used that particular piece of equipment for their opinion on the functioning of the equipment. It is a sound business practice to do some research on the equipment being considered, as well as on the vendor selling the machinery.

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