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Healthcare Financing

We offer financing to medical practitioners and other professionals in the field of health care a way out of their financial dilemma. With the unpredictable economic climate, coupled with the volatile political environment, even those in the health care industry are feeling the heat.

Today, many health care professionals find themselves seeing the need to seek sources of funds other than their own cash flow for use in the purchase of additional medical equipment or to be spent in renovating their clinical offices. However, with the extremely unstable economic setting, even lenders are quite strict when comes to loan applications and approvals. Here at Graco Mortgage, we see things differently.  We look for ways of getting your loan approved. Loan approval usually only takes just a few days, not weeks or longer like most of the banks take.

We offer high loan to value financing on both your equipment and your real-estate (if you are purchasing) or if you want to get a better rate and refinance, we can help you Contact Us Today.