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Dump Truck Financing

We can finance your equipment both here in the USA and Canada. Contact us now for the best rates and terms around.

Dump Truck Leasing and Dump Truck Financing Solutions

Commercial Truck and Trailer Program
1. Application-Only transaction up to $150,000
2. Transaction from $150,000 to $250,000,000 requires a Full finance package
3. Terms 12 to 60 months
4. Approvals are good for 120 days
5. Sale / Lease backs will NOT be considered
6. Owner / Operator will be considered
Commercial Truck and Trailer Guidelines
1. Minimum personal guarantor credit score of 625
2. Minimum time in business of 1 years.
3. All individuals with at least 10% ownership are required to personally guarantee.
4. A signed credit release is required in order4 to pull credit.
5. Sleeper fleet requirement (3) minimum to consider a sleeper
Submission Requirements
We require that all commercial trucks be 10 years old or newer and all commercial trailers must be 7 years old or newer.

Whether you need to replace a tow truck or add to your fleet of Dump Trucks, 3 Rivers Leasing can provide you with the Dump Truck Financing solution you need.

3 Rivers Leasing has a plan to meet your specific Dump Truck financing and heavy equipment financing needs. We will finance the equipment you need, so you can be your most productive and profitable that you can.


3 Rivers Leasing will provide:

Fast Loan Approvals

* Competitive Lease Payments

* Personalized Service

* Wide Range of Approvals

* Start-Up Programs

* Contracts Customized to Your needs

* Documentation handled by 3 Rivers Leasing


3 Rivers Leasing provides Dump Truck financing and Leasing for:

* Fleet Operations

* Contractors

* First Time Buyers

* Construction Companies

* Heavy Equipment Operators

* Truck & Equipment Dealers



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