Wind Farm and Solar Energy Financing

Wind Farm / Solar Financing Submission Checklist
Wind Farm and Solar Financing Check List

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Plan and Pro Forma Data
  • PPA's and rate
  • Proforma
  • Wind Profiling or Solar Historical data
  • Environmental Studies
  • All Permits
  • Land lease (if you have not purchased it)
  • Any existing liens
  • Digital photos of the site
  • Copies of the land leases (if applicable)
  • Last three years taxes from developer
  • Personal Financial Statement on principals
  • Turbine brand being selected and purchase agreement
  • Interconnect Studies & Agreement
  • Cost of project
  • Contractor agreement
  • Total capacity and anticipated kilowatt per hour
  • Project spreadsheet
  • Entity legal structure
  • Entity operating agreement
  • Anticipated start date
  • Engagement Agreement with Graco Mortgage