Solar Energy Financing

Solar Energy Financing

 Solar Saving money and fossil fuel.

Solar Power Plant Financing


Solar Power Plant Development / Construction / Acquisition Financing Structuring
What we can do:


If you have a solar thermal or photovoltaic power plant that needs to be built, acquired or improved, let us evaluate the project. We will promptly tell you what we can do to support your solar project financing needs.
Solar Power Plant Financing Program
Even if your solar project has been turned down by other lenders, Graco Mortgage may be able to help. We are able to leverage our reputation in the capital marketplace to secure financing for viable solar projects that have been declined by other financiers.
Parameters we look for initially include:
  • Solar Project size of $10 million to over 10 billion
  • Solar / Photovoltaic power plant land site has been selected (for development projects), or, preferably is already owned
  • Solar performance guarantee is in place (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • Solar storage and transmission capability is key


Solar Power Plant Financing Process
Financing $10 million to $10 billion solar energy generation projects, construction and acquisitions around the United States and on a International basis.
We begin the financing process for Solar Power Plants with an in-depth review of your project plan, pro-formas, and key deal points. We identify challenges and obstacles, which are inherent in all solar energy projects. If we uncover a obstacle that will prevent you from getting financing, we will let you know - right away.
When obstacles are manageable, we will:
  • Counsel you on how to enhance the solar project's attributes to ensure a successful funding
  • Identify appropriate funding sources
  • Submit your loan
  • Sign the papers and get the solar project funded
Contact us with your questions, to get feedback on your solar project, or to begin the financial review process.

* 2.8 Megawatts ( project sites)

* Largest solar installtion on a winery in the United States

* 7 Separate solar arrays at 4 wineries

* 12 SatCon Inverters

* Over 12,900 soar modules

* Internet based system monitoring

* Completed in 2008