Energy Financing Solutions
Graco Mortgage serves as a financial conduit for, Private Investors, Public Companies, Financial Capital Pools, Hedge Funds, Government Agencies, Banks and Financial Institutions. Graco Mortgage works to accelerate capital flow and thus develop sustainable energy funding, which in turn, serves to help meet the challenges of climate change.
Graco Mortgage serves the Renewable Energy sector by creating financial resources that are able to fund renewable, alternative energy endeavors. Graco Mortgage serves in the creation of sustaibale energy projects to help foster a Carbon Free Environment, and a healthier more beautiful plantet for future generations to come.
Sustainable Energy Financing
  • Project Size:      $10,000,000 and up
  • Project Development area:  Anywhere in the world that is friendly towards the USA
  • Finance through direct corporate Investments:   * Hedge Funds, Banks, etc. Tax Investor Equity Investments:

               * May be a combination of equity and debt

               * Investment funds coming from a 3rd party beneficiary for tax benefits


Graco Mortgage has aligned itself with sustainable green energy financing sources, Graco Mortgage is an environmentally responsible, eco-friendly financier whose mission is financing the control of Carbon Emissions through Graco Mortgages planet sensitive promotion of efficient Energy development. Graco Mortgage serves to stem climate change. Graco Mortgage strives to eliminate Carbon Emissions, thus helping in turn, to control the effects of Global Warming.


Graco Mortgage Energy Financing is an Environmentally Responsible Broker financing advanced plant development for the manufacture of bio crude, bio fuels and ethanol products.


Graco mortgage energy financing work hard to fund Geothermal plants, natural Gas projects, and, when feasible, Nuclear Power Plant Installations.


Graco Mortgage Energy Financing is an industry leader in providing Financing environmentally friendly oil Refineries, eco-safe  Petrochemical plants, environmentally sensitive Photovoltaic Projects and life saving artery pipelines, which transport natural gas and oil.






  • Investment dollars may come from more than one equity partner to provide for all of the costs for the development.
  • Investment up to 100% of the construction cost.
  • Pre development cost include, but are limited construction-entitlements:

           * Land Leases, Wind Studies, and EPR Permits

           * These cost may be reimbursable as part of the construction investment