Graco Mortgage
Our 80% - 100% construction loans.

Construction Financing anywhere in the USA and most countries around the world.

Minimum construction loan amount:                    $2,000,000
Maximum construction loan amount:                   $5 billion+

Cash deposit:                     1% -  20% cash deposit for construction projects.

Loan Type:                           Ground up Construction Only

Recourse:                            Non-Recourse

Interest Rate:                       Starting at 5.50%

Term Sheet:                          Usually issued within 5 days of receiving a completed package.

Closing Time:                        45 - 75 days or less for funding (depends on the size of the loan and which country it is in)

Lenders Fee:                        1% - 3.00%

GMC Fee:                              1.00% These fees are paid out of the loan proceeds.

Construction Payments:     No payments are due during the first 24 months of construction. Starting on the 25th month interest payments
                                                 will start.

Construction Term:             Up to 10 years (all though the preference is 5 years or less).

Pre-Pay Penalty:                    None

First Draw:                             TBD


  1. 1.Project Intake Form
  2. 2. Brief overview of the project
  3. 3. BIO's on all the principals
  4. 4. 5 year projections
  5. 5. Feasibility study
  6. 6. Proof of funds for the escrow money
  1. 1

What type of projects will we finance?

This is just a partial list of what we will consider under this program. If your project is not listed, that does not mean that we will not consider it. Submit your request to us and let us tell you what program we have that will get your project funded quickly within your guidelines of what you are requesting.

Apartment Building Financing - Construction / Purchase or Refinance
Assisted Living Financing - Construction / Purchase or Refinance
Commercial Construction Loans
Commercial Construction Renovation
Construction Completion
Energy Project Financing - Construction or Refinance
Hospitals - Purchase / Refinance or Construction Financing
Hotel Construction / Purchase or Refinance
Medical Building Construction
Multi-family - Purchase / Refinance or Construction
Office Building Construction
Power Plant Construction
Resort Construction
Shopping Mall Construction ./ Purchase or Refinance
Single Family Housing Projects

If your project is not listed, that does not mean we will not consider it. Contact us to find out if your project will qualify under this program. On some of our special programs we have issued Term Sheets within 5 days of receipt of the application.

Don't waste time. Contact us today and get your project approved and funded quickly.