Senior Housing Financing

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Since 1992, Graco Mortgage has been providing the best senior housing financing all over the country. One of our experienced loan officers will guide you through all the intricacies of the process to obtain a loan for your senior house so that you will obtain the best loan for your specific situation.

If you are considering construction of a new facility, we offer 85% construction financing on all types of commercial projects.

There are three basic loan types that provide the necessary capital for senior housing financing of facilities and communities. A first mortgage / term loan has fixed rates for permanent mortgage loans. Construction/permanent mortgage loans are undertaken additionally by credit companies. As for sale/lease back loans, REITs are the primary source for this type.

There are key aspects of senior housing underwriting that include an assessment of the surrounding competition, knowledge of the operator’s track record is important for prime locations, knowledge of how the operator is viewed by the state as well as other organizations is important, and so forth.

For your senior housing financing needs, we assure that our quality and personal service combined with our extensive experience will result in a loan specifically suited for your requirements and needs.

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