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Commercial Mortgage Backed Securites




Securities Financing

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, is a type of mortgage-backed security that is secured by the loan on a commercial real estate property. Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities  financing can help real estate investors by providing liquidity to commercial lenders and real estate investors.



Like many other mortgage-backed securities, frequent use of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities  can be ascribed to the fast increase in real estate prices over the years. Because these CMBS loans are not standardized, they are more difficult to value because they are more complex. In comparison to RMBS, also known as residential mortgage-backed security, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities  have a lesser degree of pre-payment risk because commercial mortgages are often set to a fixed term. Since 1992, Graco Mortgage has assisted its clients in acquiring the best Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities financing to suit their needs.


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