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Medical Office Financing

Medical practice financing is the best option for a doctor who wants to renovate their clinic or office or establish an entirely new dental office. This is particularly true if their financial prowess is limited and they have other financial obligations to meet. Contrary to popular belief that dentist are virtually rolling in cash, most dentist have to deal with the financial woes brought about by unpaid student loans, as well as other expenses associated with their dental practice.

It is a well-known fact that dentists have to purchase necessary equipment, such as a dental chair, in order for them to practice their profession. However, it is also a well-known fact that such equipment, along with other dental tools, cost several thousands of dollars - something that new dentists may not have. Well, it certainly would not be a problem if you have some treasure chest stashed somewhere. For most dentists, they would have to seek some external funding source.

While it is rue that some banks may be able to accommodate some of the dentists' funding needs, these commercial banks sometimes have a complicated loan application process, as well as low approval rates. This is why at 3 Rivers Leasing we have a very high success rate for our dentist clients.

Why medical practice financing is a better option

Aside from having a less-complicated application process, the waiting period involved in reviewing the loan application for this type of financing is relatively shorter than most banks. Other benefits that dental practice financing offers include:

  • Offers five to fifteen-year terms
  • The rate is fixed and is lower compared to regular loans
  • Offers 100% financing
  • We offer a complete funding program solution that includes, equipment leasing and financing solutions.
  • We also offer flexible repayment solutions

What are the different types of medical practice financing packages?

There are many types of dental practice financing loan packages that are being offered by either, Graco Mortgage or 3 Rivers Leasing. 

We offer the following financing programs:

  • Working capital loans
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Equipment financing and purchase financing
  • Office furniture and fixture loans
  • Office renovation loans
  • Refinancing loan programs
  • Real Estate and Construction financing


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If you are a doctor who is currently looking for an external funding source, contact us now so we can help you upgrade your office or move into a newer and larger office.