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Commercial  Real Estate Loans

Successful day-to-day operations require an uninterrupted supply of capital. That's where Graco Mortgage fits into your financial picture. We're a ready source of funding to keep your business running smoothly and profitably, day in and day out. We offer a full suite of lending products tailored to your individual business needs:

Lines of Credit

A Graco Mortgage line of credit is a cost-effective way to borrow and repay what your business needs, when it needs it.

Need the flexibility to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise? A Graco Mortgage line of credit can help.

Lines of credit are typically repaid from your business' operating cash flow (i.e. the collection of receivables). We offer revolving and non-revolving lines of credit:

  • A revolving line of credit lets your business borrow, repay, and borrow again up to the original amount committed by Graco Mortgage, throughout the life of the loan.
  • A non-revolving line of credit lets your business borrow an amount either in a lump sum  or an amount disbursed over a period of time. Each time repayment is made, credit availability reduces by that amount.

Making advances is simple and convenient. We offer automatic pay downs, cash advances from your line of credit, and investment of your excess cash balances.

Solution Features

You can use a line of credit to:

  • Fund seasonal changes in inventory and receivables.
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts.
  • Meet unexpected cash needs.

Term Loans for Commercial Real Estate

Learn how a term loan from Graco Mortgage can help you strengthen your competitive position, increase your working capital, and maximize profitability.

Need help reaching your company's long-term goals? A term loan from Graco Mortgage may be right for you.

Term loans are a lump-sum disbursement with a pay back over a specified period of time. They may be used to finance equipment, a change in ownership, a new business acquisition or other long-term needs of a company.

It's important to structure a term loan so that debt repayment matches your business cash flow. Consideration must be given to your existing debt repayment obligations as well as potential needs that you may have over the term of your loan.

Solution Features

A term loan from Graco Mortgage can help you:

  • Strengthen your competitive position by obtaining the equipment and assets you need to grow or operate more competitively.
  • Increase your working capital to help your rapidly growing business.
  • Maximize profitability through a properly structured term loan where the repayment schedule matches the cash flow available to repay debt.

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