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Multi-Family Financing



Graco Mortgage Multi-Family Loan Program


Graco Mortgage Small Balance Apartment Loan Program provided competitive, low cost apartment financing for five plus individual multifamily units, mixed-use commercial properties with less than 25% of revenue generated from commercial use and mobile home park communities.


With competitive rates, a low overall cost basis, exceptional  terms and a simplified streamline loan process. Graco Mortgage has become the leading small to large balance apartment loan program lender.


Multi-Family loans are available anywhere in the USA.

  • Loans available from $100,000 to $500,000,000
  • Available in throughout the USA*
  • Now Offering Forward Rate Locks for up to 60 days


  • Graco Mortgage Small Balance Apartment  Building Loan Program Overview

  • * Multi-Family Loans from $100,000 - $500,000,000+                                    * 60% Minimum Occupancy

    * 15 and 30 year Amortizations                                                                * No Balloon or Call Provisions
    * 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 Year Fixed Rate Terms                                                    * Maximum LTV 80% / 85% CLTV

    * No Defeasance or Yield Maintenance                                                   * Step Down Payment

    * Interest Only Option                                                                               * Minimum DSC of 1:20:1

    * Low Lender Points                                                                                * Standard 1 Fee Closing

    * Limited Appraisal                                                                                   * 60 day rate lock

    * Monthly / Annual Leases Accepted                                                      * Limited Impound Requirements

    * 3% Seller Concession Allowed on Purchases                                     * Section 8 - Subsidized Rents - OK


    Small Balance Multi-Family Building Purchases

    * A, B and C Property Types Considered

    * 10% Seller 2nd Considered on a Case by Case Basis

    * Mixed Use Commercial/Residential Acceptable to 25% Commercial Use

    * Small Balance Multifamily Loan Program Option Starting at $100,000

    * Mobile Home Parks Eligible for Apartment Loan Program with 15+ Pads

    * Property management experience is generally required for properties with 12 or more units, or property management letter and resume may be substituted.